We've made applications affordable in Trinidad & Tobago offering a level of customer support and ease of development. Our process means its easy to get your application off the ground.

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We've helped to create the first smart gym in Trinidad & Tobago. Imagine all of your workouts automatically logged instead of having to type it out in the notes application. By using a custom NFC Enabled wristband or chair you can scan your workouts by scanning on the equipment which automatically transfers data to the application. This means your reps and approximate times can be tracked.

In addition, it syncs to The Mighty Grill, an on-demand food service so you can have tailored meals generated and ordered at the push of a button.

From data collection to data analysis and implementation it uses, secure databases and artificial intelligence to make unique and tailored suggestions to help up your level.

Discus Den T&T


We're proud to say, we've assisted the amazing, dedicated founders from the start of Discus Den T&T to get their online platform off the ground. When they wanted to expand their services an application was only appropriate.

Discus Den T&T likes to change the way things are done, so an application with a marketplace to shop their products, get push notifications, play games which are aquatic related as well as calculate metrics that are vital to the hobbyists who use their platform was all needed.

Coming soon, we're proud to launch this application to help change the way aquatic hobbyists can interact with their hobby on a day to day basis.

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